Physical Therapy Month 2013

National Physical Therapy Month 2013October is National Physical Therapy Month. This is a great time to celebrate the many benefits of physical therapy, both as a healthcare treatment for patients, and also as a fulfilling career path.

Throughout the month, we invite you to join us in celebrating physical therapy:

Patient Appreciation Days

We invite our current and past patients to visit with our therapy team, enjoy light refreshments, and enter to win door prizes. View a list of dates here.

Facebook Contests

Find us on Facebook, become a fan, and participate in our contests for chances to win prizes.

Ask a PT

This month, we are also launching “Ask a PT.” Do you have a question for a physical therapist?  Send it to us via email to We will select questions to represent common healthcare issues that can be addressed by physical therapy, and we will post the answers here on our website.

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