Eric Lackey, PT, MPT recognized as Danville’s favorite Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist
Eric Lackey, MPT

Eric Lackey, PT, MPT, Physical Therapist of Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab (DOAR) was recognized as the area’s favorite physical therapist in the 2015 Rave Awards by readers of Showcase Magazine. Eric provides outpatient physical therapy at DOAR’s office at 2140 Franklin Turnpike in Danville. Eric also supervises physical therapy for pediatric patients through our sister company, Center for Pediatric Therapies (CPT).

Speaking of pediatric therapy… Katie Juza, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist at Center for Pediatric Therapies was recognized as the area’s favorite occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapist
Beth Neal, OTR/L

Beth Neal, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist received honorable mention as one of the area’s favorite occupational therapists. Beth provides occupational therapy for outpatient patients at Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab and Martinsville Physical Therapy & Industrial Rehab. She also provides occupational therapy for homebound patients through our sister company, All Care Home Health.

Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab was also recognized as the area’s favorite physical therapy center.

We thank the readers of Showcase Magazine for these recognitions! We are grateful for the opportunity to provide outpatient physical and occupational therapy services here in this wonderful region!

A pair of shoes can change a life


Now through December 31st, drop by any of our ten outpatient physical therapy locations to donate your gently used, name brand athletic shoes, and receive a free t-shirt!*

*Limit 1 t-shirt per person; sizes available while supplies last. See below for shoe criteria.

As experts in physical therapy, we know that choosing the right shoes can make a big difference in your stability and movement. But for many people around the world, just having shoes is an important start to improve health.

Because there are germs in dirt that cause infections and diseases to our skin, footwear is an important barrier to protect health. This issue does not affect most of us because we have more than one pair of shoes, and we live in sanitary conditions. However, many countries use dirt roads and financial resources are scarce. – Project Sole

That’s why we are hosting a shoe drive for Project Sole – a recognized non-profit that distributes shoes to impoverished and disaster-stricken communities throughout the world.



Project Sole maintains three distinct criteria for shoes donated:

  1. STYLE: The most versatile shoes are athletic based: running, basketball, soccer, cross-training, volleyball, skate shoes and hiking boots are the most needed because the preeminent support and durability. Shoes to avoid: any open-toed shoes or sandals, baseball/football cleats, high-heels

  2. LIFE of the SHOE: Shoes can be stinky and worn, but no holes in the soles!

  3. BRANDS: Name brand shoes have earned the reputation of being better built and more durable, thus allowing more wear for their second owner. That is why we limit the brands collected to major athletic brands similar to the following: Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Reebok, Converse, Sketchers, DC, and Puma.


improve our world project sole

James Turner and DOAR take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated by Bruce Wilson, my pastor at West Main Baptist Church, to take the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Watch the video on our Facebook page.

For every “Like” and “Share” this video receives on our Facebook page, DOAR will donate $1 to the DC/MD/VA Chapter of the ALS Association.

What is ALS?

According to the ALS Association, “ALS was first found in 1869 by French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, but it wasn’t until 1939 that Lou Gehrig brought national and international attention to the disease. Ending the career of one of the most beloved baseball players of all time, the disease is still most closely associated with his name. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons  die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.” (Source:

What is the Ice Bucket Challenge?

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign to raise awareness and funds for ALS. Participants who accept the challenge have a bucket of ice water dumped on them, and in turn, challenge others to do the same within 24 hours. Those who do not accept the challenge are asked to make a donation (any amount) to their preferred ALS charity.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Why do we care about ALS?

As experts in physical therapy, we are committed to helping people to physically function at the highest level possible.  One of our many foes, ALS gradually makes it more and more difficult to use major muscle groups need for activities such as walking, rising from a chair, and getting in and out of bed.

For some patients with ALS,  physical therapy can help improve mobility, relieve pain, and delay or limit development of permanent physical disabilities. With these techniques, physical therapists can help restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health.

Learn more about the role of physical therapy with ALS and other muscular disorders at

Athletic Trainers lead games at the Boys & Girls Club to encourage physical fitness

This afternoon, Athletic Trainers Raegan Fuller, ATC and Jeff Durand, ATC led a series of games for middle schoolers at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Danville Area.

Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab partnered with the Boys & Girls Club on this activity in support of the club’s healthy lifestyles initiative, which includes encouraging physical fitness and sports activities.

Athletic Trainers at the Boys & Girls Club
Athletic Trainers Raegan Fuller and Jeff Durand led games with middle schoolers at the Boys & Girls Club

Our Athletic Trainers were the perfect people to lead this activity. Not only are they experts in exercise, but Jeff and Raegan are also both youth volleyball coaches – so of course they brought volleyballs! We played “Human Net,” which involves dividing into three teams: two opposing teams and a third team that serves as – you guessed it – a human net!

Human Net at the Boys & Girls Club
Human Net is a volleyball game using three teams. Two opposing teams, plus a human net!

The kids’ favorite game was “Barnacle.” Players start by running around the gym. When the game leader calls out a command, the players take a position. The last one into position is out… Play continues until only one player remains.

“Barnacle” means touch a wall!
Man Over Board
“Man Over Board!” means find a partner – one person acts as the ship, while the other looks out into the sea.
“Lighthouse” means find two partners – two people form the lighthouse, while the third spins between them as the light beam.
Barnacle Game: Fish Out of Water
“Fish Out of Water” means hit the floor and wave around like a fish out of water!

We had a blast this afternoon, and can’t wait to visit the Club again soon!

Job Openings as of December 10, 2012

Jobs at DOAR & AffiliatesPhysical Therapist

We are now hiring for a full-time Physical Therapist for Roxboro Physical Therapy in Roxboro, North Carolina. The position start date is January 7, 2013. Eligible candidates must be licensed to practice physical therapy in North Carolina.

We are seeking applications for the position of Physical Therapist (PT). We will consider full-time or part-time  applicants. We will consider applicants eligible for licensure in Virginia or North Carolina.

Physical Therapist Assistant

We are seeking applications for the position of Physical Therapist (PT). We will consider full-time or part-time  applicants. We will consider applicants eligible for licensure in Virginia or North Carolina.